AKITA: A Japan-Nice Restaurant in Mandaue City, Cebu

We Cebuanos are known for being Otaku or lovers of the Japanese culture. We are avid fans of the undying Manga and Anime series. We even sing songs by Japanese artists and bands. And we do cosplay as Japanese show characters. But even more so, we Cebuanos are true lovers of the Japanese food. Am I right or am I correct?

Itadaki-Masu! That's the customary Nihonggo greeting for diners. It means Happy Eating!

Akita Japanese Restaurant in Mandaue City
Akita Japanese Restaurant

Akita Japanese Restaurant 

Akita, A Japanese Restaurant right beside Kusina Uno at Kasuntingan, Mandaue City made its way to Wonderful Cebu Blog's on going list of Best Japanese Restaurants at the heart of Metro Cebu.

Akita is owned by a Japanese national who now lives in Australia. It is managed by Ms. Jacky who is an ESL teacher. Akita gives you pastel green walls, which makes the ambiance instantly pleasing and appetizing. And before you even get the chance to count the other colors in their interior, you'll be greeted by their friendly staff, the traditional Japanese way. I can't imitate it, but it kinda sounds like "Ira-shai-mase!" Something like that. Laughs in Nihonggo.

I know you must be thinking that since it's a Japanese restaurant, the food is expensive. Well, my friends, not this one! Akita has one of the cheapest menus I've seen in Japanese restaurants, next only to Jo-ed's Lutong Hapon and Tokyo Joe's. And probably Yoshinoya.

Pot stickers at Akita Japanese Restaurant

Akita has tasty appetizers to mouth-watering salads to best-of-everything bento boxes to belly-busting ramen bowls. Prices range from 100 to 350 pesos! Ain't that cool!?

Japanese Food at Akita Restaurant
The food at Akita Japanese Restaurant 

For the most part, the Akita menu is as good as could be expected. Among all else is their Butadon, rice bowl topped with thinly sliced barbecued pork. They also have such succulent steamed gyoza. SO MUCH WIN! It's also interesting to note that Akita serves Mediterranean Salad. Variety is good, right?

lunch box at Akita Japanese Restaurant
Bento box

As I have so much to talk about this Akita Japanese restaurant, I will focus on one single menu which I think is the best of their bests.

The Spicy Ramen. I really went back for this one.

The ramen, I suppose, would represent the restaurant perfectly. It comprises what Akita is about, like their philosophy and values are part of the main ingredients.

Traditional Japanese noodles topped with blanched thin-stripped pork, string beans, sweet corns, and other healthy vegetables. The ramen's best quality is its flavorful soup that makes an orgy of taste and sensations inside your mouth. I'll spare you the details so as not to spoil the surprise. Chuckles. And oh, it's good for two! So bring a date.

Definitely a must-try for Japanese food lovers. Hurry up though! Because Akita gives 20% off of all their food items this June 2016!

They promise to run different promos every month. Nowhere can you ever find a more customer-friendly Japanese Restaurant in these areas.

Have you tried dining at Akita Japanese Restaurant? We want to know about your experience. You may share them in the comments below.


4 Stars out of 5!

Note: This article was written by Nathaniel John Arong. He joined a food tasting event for bloggers from the Cebu Blogging Community sponsored by Akita Japanese Restaurant.


Cheryl F said...

I have only tried to Japanese restaurants in Cebu so far. Japengo and Tokyo Joe. I love Japanese food and everytime I am in the city I always make sure I get to eat one at least once before going home. I'd love to try here too.

Christy Ocariza said...

The restaurant looks promising. I remembered the first time I tried sushi and it was different taste. Later on, I soon learned to love it and with this restaurant, I might explore other Japanese cuisines along the way.