Never Again at AnDiana's Restaurant

Andiana's Restaurant is right beside Barbeque Boss at the corner of Pope John Paul II Avenue and F. Cabahug Street in Kasambagan, Cebu City. They also serve just about the same menu as Barbeque Boss. They can actually be mistaken to be part of Barbeque Boss. They are actually not.

We tried to dine in their once. It wasn't the best of our many dining experiences. My brother initially wanted to eat at Barbeque Boss but I persuaded him to try something novel as we have already eaten a lot of times at Barbeque Boss. On hindsight, I should have listened to him. But oh well, let us just charge this one to experience and move on.

Andiana's Restaurant
Andiana's Restaurant

Food at Andiana's Restaurant 

Most of the food wasn't bad at Andiana's Restaurant. We ordered a serving of their dynamite rolls or JalapeƱo peppers wrapped in lumpia wrapper and deep fried, a few sticks of pork barbecue, and a serving of calamari. The pork barbecue was delicious and the portions were of good size. The calamari was overcooked. We barely ate or even touched it. It was just too gummy to be enjoyed. It looked like this was the work of an amateur chef or one that is just starting to learn his craft.

Calamari and pork barbecue at Andiana's Restaurant
Calamari and pork barbecue

The dynamite rolls were pretty good. They did not come in the same sizes however. Some were longer and some were shorter. This again shows that the one preparing the food was not very well-trained to do it. Some amateurs can actually do it better.

Dynamite rolls at Andiana's Restaurant
Dynamite rolls

There are 3 reasons why we are never eating at this Andiana's Restaurant ever again. First, it seemed like they did not care much about sanitation in their restaurant. It took a while to have their staff clean out the table we were seated at. It was too dusty that I even caught a sneeze. Second, service takes a very long time considering they are a very small restaurant. Third, prices on the menu and the wall posters are not the real prices. We paid much more than what we expected because we were told those were no longer valid. I was too tired to argue. Or I just settled because they forgot to place some items on our tab anyway. They did not charge us for several glasses of iced tea and several cups of rice. When I noticed that, I thought to myself it suits them for duping us with the prices. We paid just about the same amount we would have paid if they did not mess up the pricing for us.

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