You Will Love The Coffee and More at Barako Haus

Coffee shops in Cebu are mostly overrated and are usually expensive. I dare say this coming from Bacolod City on a recent business trip. Bacolod City has basic native coffee shops that serve brewed native coffee for as low as PhP 10.00 per cup. Now compare that to the ones served at Cebu cafes that go by the hundreds or just a bit less.

Thankfully though, I stumbled upon a coffee shop near the heart of Cebu City where the price is not that bad. I'm referring to Barako Haus at the corner of Juana OsmeƱa Street and Maria Cristina Street, a stone's throw away from the Baseline residences. A dimly lit cafe with furniture in dark brown varnish, Barako Haus is a cool place to have breakfast. Free breakfast for Mandaue Botique Hotel guests are served by Barako Haus. It is also a good place meet up with friends, do some work, or just simply hang out.

Barako Haus
Barako Haus

Refillable Coffee

Well, technically their coffee is still priced high. A cup of caffe Americano using Arabica beans costs PhP 85. Caffe Americano using Maharlika or Liberica beans costs PhP 75 per cup. Civet coffee sells for PhP 240 a cup. The good news however, is that they offer refillable coffee. Refillable coffee alternates between Maharlika or Arabica servings. Their refillable coffee can be refilled thrice after the first serving. If you want milk with it, just pay a PhP 5.00 add-on. With refillable coffee, a cup at Barako Haus can cost as little as PhP 17.50 per cup. And you can choose to have it served hot or iced.

Maharlika Coffee

Maharlika coffee uses Liberica beans. It is widely known in the Philippines as Kapeng Barako, a staple in Batangas province. The Maharlika beans at Barako Haus is sourced from Batangas! It has a stronger flavor compared to Arabica coffee.

Iced coffee at Barako Haus
Iced coffee

What Else to Enjoy at Barako Haus

Aside from serving good coffee, Barako Haus also offers all day breakfast meals, pastries and dessert items, pili nuts, pasta, grilled sandwiches, and smoothies. Complimentary breakfast for Mandaue Hotel situated above is served by Barako Haus. Breakfast options are chorizo de Cebu, bacon, tocino, and tapa. All breakfast meals come with your choice of scrambled or sunny side up egg, a cup of coffee, atchara, and a cup of plain rice. Bacon is my personal favorite among their breakfast meals.

Tocino breakfast meal at Barako Haus
Tocino breakfast meal at Barako Haus 

Chorizo de Cebu breakfast meal at Barako Haus
Chorizo de Cebu breakfast meal

Grilled sandwich at Barako Haus
Grilled chicken and egg sandwich and chips 

I love their Oreo cheesecake cookies, the pili nuts with garlic, and the grilled chicken and egg sandwich.

Have you tried the coffee at Barako Haus? Let me know your thoughts about it. You may share them in the comments below.