Birdseed Breakfast Club + Cafe: All Day Breakfast in Cebu

Some people are early birds and wish to have their breakfast or morning meal early. Some are late risers and prefer to have their first meal much later in the day. Some want to combine meals and just have brunch. Yet some just can't have enough of breakfast food and want to have it in every meal. Birdseed Breakfast Club + Cafe caters to just about anyone of the aforementioned personality profiles with differing meal preferences in Cebu City, Philippines. An all-day breakfast club run by Chef Alyssa Lao, Birdseed traces it's name origins to a slang word used to mean breakfast. 

While the popular quote "the early bird catches the worm" may be a good reference to early risers and the worm as the bird's breakfast, most if not all birds do eat plant seeds as a common meal making the avian kind one of the biggest agents of cross pollination. Birdseed therefore captures more of the all-day breakfast vibe at this place bridging uptown and midtown Cebu City.

Birdseed Breakfast Club + Cafe is located at Unit F 19 at the Axis Entertainment Avenue, Vibo Place along N. Escario Street in barangay Camputhaw, Cebu City, Philippines. It opened last 16 January 2016. The restaurant is open from 7:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. daily. Below is their contact information:

Telephone Number: +6332 254 9463

E-mail Address:

Facebook Fan Page: Birdseed Breakfast Club + Cafe

The Menu

Birdseed Breakfast Club + Cafe serves American food, Asian fusion dishes, breakfast items, sandwiches, coffee, and soul food. The menu is actually divided into the following eight (8) sections: 
  1. Soups. Dishes with some broth in it.  
  2. Salads. For those who want it light, organic, or vegetarian.
  3. Pancakes, Waffles, and Toasts.  Common breakfast items from egg-based dough.
  4. Sandwiches. Breads with fillings in between.
  5. Go Green. Anything plant-based.
  6. Mains. Heavier meals and entrees.
  7. Drinks. Beverage section.
  8. Coffee Bar. For coffee lovers.

When we dined in for brunch one lazy day in May 2016, we ordered the triple-stack buttermilk pancakes with maple butter and a breakfast skillet as suggested by the hosts.

Triple-stack Buttermilk Pancake with Maple Butter

A stack of three fluffy pancakes with a generous topping of slowly melting butter. As a side to it, we had a choice of spiced maple syrup, strawberry, or blueberry syrup. We took the spiced maple syrup. The pancakes are not too sweet. Just pour in the maple syrup to your liking to make it sweeter. Filipinos might find this different as they are used to a sweeter taste of not just pancakes but food in general.

Triple-stack buttermilk pancakes at Birdseed Breakfast Club
Triple-stack buttermilk pancakes

Breakfast Skillet

Priced at PhP 390.00 per serving, the breakfast skillet can feed 2 to 3 persons. It has two sunny side up eggs, French toast, herbed hash browns, three (3) breakfast sausages, wilted spinach, roasted tomatoes, and a few strips of bacon. It is a filling meal for two (2) people. Not one to have if you want a light breakfast meal. 

Breakfast skillet at Birdseed Breakfast Club
Breakfast skillet

Other Interesting Items on the Menu

Vegans and vegetarians may order from the Go Green section which lists vegetarian pita pizza (PhP 240.00) and double double vegetarian burger (PhP 250.00) as choices. Silog meals are also available for those who wish to enjoy a Filipino breakfast with choices of Spanish chorizo, bacon, salmon, beef tapa (beef jerky), and beef brisket and kimchi as the main entrees.

Eggs Benedict at Birdseed Breakfast Club
Eggs Bemedict

Have you eaten breakfast at Birdseed Breakfast Club? We want to know about your experience. You may share them in the comments below.