The Grain Restaurant's Cakes: A Treat for the Sweet Tooth

Upon invitation of Keene Albert Tan, I was able to sample the signature cakes at The Grain Restaurant. I have a  massive sweet tooth and I was just so happy to be invited.

I sure hoped my blood glucose levels were not too high that time as we were served a huge variety of dessert items, mostly cakes from their signature collection. It was truly a treat for our sweet tooth, and maybe just too much of it we realized after.

Thadz with Keene Tan and Lorenzo at The Grain Restaurant
With Diamond Suites marketing manager Albert Keene Tan

Dessert at The Grain Restaurant

Here are the items served to us:

signature cakes at The Grain Restaurant
Cakes at The Grain Restaurant

Kiwi Cake

We started off with the kiwi cake, which was topped by real kiwi fruit slices and sprinkled with kiwi seeds all over. We thought this was a kind of a weird cake idea. Sure enough it took a little time for me to get accustomed to that acquired taste from the restaurant's resident chief baker and pastry chef.

Kiwi cake at The Grain Restaurant
Kiwi cake

Coffee Caramel Cake

This one's a really little too sweet for us. It's a good thing this came served with a pair of chocolate balls that was more chocolaty bitter than chocolaty sweet and it kind of balanced off the sweetness. The brewed coffee helped too.

Coffee caramel cake at The Grain Restaurant
Coffee caramel cake

Pastillas Cake

The pastillas cake is The Grain Restaurant's signature cake. If you love pastillas, that soft milk candy, you will love this cake too! PhP 118 for a slice. Each slice also comes with a cherry on top as well.

Pastillas cake at The Grain Restaurant
Pastillas cake

Mango Cheesecake

My personal favorite is the mango cheesecake with a real ball of mango on top of it and a hint of mango in the cheesecake itself.

Mango cheesecake at The Grain Restaurant
Mango cheesecake


Finally, we were served with The Grain Restaurant's huge, cheesy, and fluffy ensaymada. The good thing about this ensaymada though is that it only sells for PhP 48 a piece. A good bargain.

Ensaymada at The Grain Restaurant

More Information About The Grain Restaurant 

Weekend Buffet 

The Grain Restaurant also serves buffet meals on weekends. Asian dishes are served on the buffet on Fridays. On Saturdays, the buffet features an international cuisine. Cost is PhP 408 per person.


Business Address: Ground Floor, Diamond Suites and Residences, 8 Apitong Street corner Escario Street, Camputhaw, Cebu City

Have you tried the cakes at The Grain Restaurant? Which one is your favorite? You may share them in the comments below.


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Pam / Hey, Miss Adventures! said...

We stayed in Diamond Suites once but we only had breakfast there. Would definitely want to try out there cakes. Maybe I should tell Keene! Hahaha!

GoodFoodTrips said...

Yum! Can't wait to try these treats soon! Thanks for sharing!

Cheryl F said...

I'm so intrigued with the Kiwi Cake. I love Kiwi but haven't tried it in a cake. That coffee caramel is LOVE! Would love to visit this restaurant someday.

Marica Pidor said...

I want to try the cakes anytime soon! Cheesecakes are my thing and I can tell if it is delicious or not
Cant wait to try them.

Channel Marie Imperial said...

I love their mango cheesecake and ensaymada! Om nom nom!