Traffic Solutions for Cebu: Motorcycle Safety (Part 4 of 8)

Generally, motorcyclists are 35 times more likely to die in a crash compared to car occupants. While motorcycles account for only 2 percent of vehicles on the road, they are involved in more than 10 percent of crashes. (Source: Aerotech News)

In Cebu, there seems to be few laws enacted or enforced to ensure motorcycle safety. It's a good thing the 22nd annual motorcycle convention of the Motorcycles Federation of the Philippines was held in Cebu City in 2016. I hope they are able to impart to its members and the public motorcycle safety tips and influence motorcycle riders to be responsible road users.

This is because motorcycles don't have most of the safety features of other vehicles. Refer to the infographic below:

Safety features of cars compared to motorcycles
(grabbed from Texas Department of Transportation)

Educate Yourself About Motorcycles

It is important for road users in Cebu considering using motorcycles to educate themselves about motorcycles beforehand. It is so easy to get one of those motorcycle nowadays in Cebu just about anybody can get it. While the requirements for getting a license to drive a car or motorcycle are practically the same, it has become more important than ever for motorcycle owner to seek education on motorcycle safety before they drive on the streets of Cebu. Motorcycle safety has become one of the major traffic issues in Cebu nowadays.

Heed Motorcycle Safety Tips

Here are the top 5 motorcycle safety tips from Aerotech News:
  1. When new to riding motorcycles, get the proper training and licensing. While licenses for both two-wheel and four-wheel motor vehicles are the same in the Philippines, It is important to have the proper training when planning to ride motorcycles. 
  2. Wear the proper protection equipment, specially a helmet. Laws in the Philippines require an ICC (Import Commodity Clearance) standard helmet for motorcycle riders. While this law is loosely implemented, do comply for safety reasons.
  3. Don't buy or ride a motorcycle beyond your riding ability.
  4. Ride defensively. Be alert to the actions and activity of other vehicles and other users on the road.
  5. Be visible. Wear brightly colored clothes during the day and reflective gear at night.
Motorcycle safety
(grabbed from reCap Le Capitale's Blog)

Wear The Required Safety Gear

Wear the required safety gear
(grabbed from Electric City Abate)