So Much Fuss About Cebu's Favorite Lechon Lately

One claim by a television giant has stirred Cebu netizens as to which lechon brand is actually Cebu's favorite. In a news release, the TV network reports that Cebu's "number 1" and "favorite" lechon is soon opening a store in Manila. They were referring to Zubuchon. Not too long after, the post has gone viral. But not necessarily on a positive note. Netizens were up in arms amid what they perceived as a ridiculous claim. 

Cebu's Number 1 Lechon

I've been around the Cebu food scene for quite a time now. And lechon happens to be one of my favorite Cebuano dishes. In this post, I will weigh in on this trending #LechonWars. I will make my own personal ranking. Do note that I will only rank the brands that I have personally tried. Although I will also make some notes on the ones I haven't tried yet.

House of Lechon (Cebu City) 

My personal favorite among Cebu brands is House of Lechon. While this restaurant is located in Cebu City, their recipe more closely resembles the one from Carcar. With or without that accompanying sauce Carcar lechon is known for, this one really tastes good. And they probably cook one of the best baked scallops in Cebu too! One of two of the best places to get baked scallops. The other is at Paolito's STK ta Bay!

House of Lechon in Cebu City Philippines
The House of Lechon in Cebu City

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