Kawasan Canyoneering at Badian, Cebu With Cyan Adventures

Wolfgang Dafert founded Cyan Adventures in Moalboal, Cebu. Dafert is also the founder of Freediving-Philippines. His passion for free diving expanded to include other land-based adventures. Most of these adventures are often found in the nearby municipalities of Badian and Malabuyoc. Some are even found in the mountains near the vicinity of highly urbanized Cebu City. Subsequently, due to his influence in promoting the exploration of the wonderful canyons here and there, the term “canyoneering” have become common for adventurers both local and international. All with the same kind of appreciation for safety he had in his exploits with Freediving-Philippines.

I was recently given the chance to experience one of their key adventures as a contributing writer for the Wonderful Cebu Blog: the Kawasan Canyoneering experience. It was a blast. Here’s how my canyoneering trip went:

Their main office is located at Basdiot, Moalboal, Cebu. That's where many of the beautiful diving spots in Moalboal are located. Cyan Adventures also covers transportation to the various adventure spots. This is where we start to prepare for the journey. They also have another office closer to the beaches. There, you can take advantage of special privileges in the coffee shop next door.

Here is information on Cyan Adventures' offices and contact information:

Cyan Adventures-Moalboal
Panagsama Beach (Basdiot), Moalboal, Cebu 6032
(Beside "The French Coffee Shop")
Telephone number: +63 32 474 3400
Mobile number: +63 927 426 6886 (Globe)
E-mail address: info@cyan-adventures.com (German, English, Filipino, Korean)

Cyan Adventures-Cebu City
Paseo Rodulfo 888, Banilad, Cebu City 6000
Mobile number: +63 917 326 1654
E-mail address: cebu@cyan-adventures.com

Business hours: 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Website: Cyan Adventures
Facebook Page: Cyan Adventures

With the Cyan Adventures staff prior to the Kawasan canyoneering experience
With the Cyan Adventures staff

Preparing well for an adventure is one of the trademarks of Cyan Adventures. Wolfgang Dafert trained his staff personally. He wants to make sure his clients were well briefed on the different safety procedures before heading out.

Upon arriving at the drop off point, we were greeted by reminders and other do’s and don’ts to ensure safety. We were also introduced to various souvenir shops. A registration area allows tracking of all visitors per day. For that day, we were among the 200 or so visitors. During peak season, the number of visitors can range from 800 to 1000 in a day.

With my Kawasan canyoning buddies
With my Kawasan canyoneering buddies

Safety instructions and other procedures were discussed before the start of the trek. The discussions were led by certified canyoneering experts and safety instructors. One of them was our adventure guide Elmer.

It took us around 30 minutes of hiking to reach the Canlaob river from the drop-off point. The local government unit of Badian have started concreting portions of the path for travelers. Plans for a zipline are also in the works according to some of the adventure guides. 

30 minute hike from Kawasan canyoneering drop-off point at Canlaob River
30 minute hike from drop-off point to Canlaob River

Small shops are situated along the pathways. Trekkers can buy refreshments and snacks from them. Those who want to try the local food though can rejoice. That's because Cyan Adventures provides favorite local snacks such as the budbud.

Makeshift store along the hike trail toward Kawasan Canyoneering jump-off point
Makeshift sari-sari store along the hike trail

Trekkers enjoying a snack during Kawasan Canyoneering
Trekkers enjoying budbud

Upon reaching the Canlaob River, you’ll be treated to an amazing view. At this point, it will take at least 3 to 4 hours trek through the canyons and forests to reach the last stop at Kawasan Falls. Along the way, there will be various jump off points and safety checkpoints.

Canlaob River jump-off point for Kawasan Canyoneering
Canlaob River

The first jump off point is at a height of 5 meters. The adventure guides facilitate and always encourage the others to take the leap of faith. Though you don’t necessarily have to if you really won’t. But why not, right?

Kawasan canyoneering first jump off point
Kawasan canyoneering first jump off point

You will notice some pictures have the Cyan logo in them. That’s one great thing about this group. They also have your photo needs covered. The guides also introduce you to the most memorable locations that are best caught on camera. More importantly, you don’t have to worry about not being able to take your own pictures!

Kawasan Canyoneering trek group enjoying their company
Cyan Adventures trek group enjoying their company

Playing in the river during Kawasan Canyoneering
Playing in the water at Canlaob River

Kawasan Canyoneering trek group resting
Trek group resting at the Canlaub River

At the end of a long canyoneering journey, you are then treated to a scrumptious meal by the seaside…where the green of the forests and canyons meet the beautiful blue of the sea!

A well deserved meal after Kawasan Canyoneering
A well deserved meal after a long trek
Have you tried the high offered by Kawasan canyoneering? We'd love to know about your experiences. You may share them in the comments below.

If you haven't yet, get in touch with Cyan adventures to arrange your trek now! We will still be waiting for your comments after.

Note: This article was written by contributing writer Paulo Frangelyco Magallon. He represented the Wonderful Cebu Blog during Cyan Adventure's Kawasan Canyoneering familiarization tour last 10 June 2017. Some of the photos are courtesy of Cyan Adventures while some are Paulo's own shots. Both are used with permission. As part of this blog's full disclosure policy, Paulo was invited to join the familiarization tour free of charge. Rest assured, all opinions shared here are his own and in no way influenced by Cyan Adventures or any of its affiliates.