3 Reasons Why Consumers Should Consider Tosot Air Conditioners and Other Appliances

TOSOT is now in Cebu! Recently, TOSOT Philippines Corporation launched in Cebu with a press conference last 29 May 2017 to showcase their sophisticated and innovative air conditioning products.

The press conference was spearheaded by the general manager Mr. Tomas Balete together with the vice general manager Mr. Steven Yang and branch manager Ms. Rosalind Co.

TOSOT Philippines launches air conditioning products in Cebu
TOSOT Philippines top brass at Cebu launching
TOSOT is a globally renowned product, owned by Gree Electric Appliances- the largest air conditioning manufacturer in the world. Being the sole provider of TOSOT products here in the Philippines, TOSOT Philippines Corporation has advantages that other dealers do not have. Recently, they partnered up with Lazada, they gave a promo of 30% less and in less than 3 days, 100 air conditioning units were sold. This is just an example of how “the name speaks for itself.”

TOSOT Philippines launches air conditioning products in Cebu
TOSOT air conditioner

The company is founded in 2015 and ever since is committed to improve the Filipino lifestyle through its innovative air conditioning systems and home appliances. TOSOT products have qualities that are unique to it. I will point out three striking reasons as to why consumers should consider their products:

They have “Cool” designs

Their air conditioning product designs are new and pleasing to the eyes, may it be in the corporate area or at home. It can fit just right. They also have this stand fan which is built with a slim fan head and remote control. The noise it produces is so minute and what’s remarkable is that it is rechargeable. Power outage will be a trivial matter for this stand fan.

Their products are Consumer-friendly

The saying that “less is more” is real with TOSOT air conditioning products. TOSOT boasts that their products consumes less electricity compared to other air conditioning brands, this is an important matter for those who wants to save on their electricity bills.

Their products are Eco-Friendly  

This caught everyone’s attention during the press conference; TOSOT claims that their air conditioning products have little to no effect on our environment. Global warming is an important issue that affects all of us, and these eco-friendly products are just what we need. As consumers and responsible human beings, what more can we ask for?
TOSOT have multiple authorized service centers scattered all around the country, 91 to be exact. These service centers can be found from NCR, South Luzon, North Luzon, Visayas, and all the way to Mindanao. Everyone is welcome to visit their Cebu Showroom which is located at E15-E16 Trader’s Arcade, Hernan Cortes St. Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines. You can also visit the TOSOT Philippines website or follow the TOSOT Philippines Facebook business page, send them a message and they’ll reply right away!

Note: This article was contirbuted by Marc Julius Rizada who attended the TOSOT Philippines launching in Cebu in behalf of the Wonderful Cebu Blog.