Genesis Valley Resort in Consolacion, Cebu, Philippines

Are you tired of spending your vacations on beach resorts? Do you want to experience something different? How about spending a day and a night on a villa surrounded by trees and secluded from the polluted areas of the city, a place where fresh air is as abundant as the ants on the ground and birds on the skies, a place where almost everything you see is green. Now that is therapeutic!

Located at Cabangahan, Consolacion Cebu, Philippines, Genesis Valley Resort is an ideal place to run any type of events, from company team-building programs to grand reunions, and the place still is good if you just want to relax and enjoy the greenly scenery. It will take a long time if I am to list down all the good things this place has to offer so let me narrow it down to the five best reasons as to why you should try Genesis Valley Resort for yourself, with your friends, with your family and also with your romantic partners!
Genesis Valley Resort in Cabangahan Consolacion Cebu Philippines
Genesis Valley Resort in Cabangahan, Consolacion, Cebu, Philippines

1. Green Green

The first song that I can associate with this place is “Green Green” by The New Christy Minstrel. Yes I might sound old school but this song perfectly fits the scenery in Genesis Valley Resort. There is this growing research regarding the effects physical exercises done in natural environments, scientists say that it can help improve your mental and physical health with twice the results and half the effort. So if you want to blow off some steam on a far side of a hill, to a where the grass is greener still then this place is right for you.
Genesis Valley Resort in Cabangahan Consolacion Cebu Philippines
Genesis Valley Resort is surrounded by nature!

2. It's Generously spacious

People go to parks to spend some quality time with their family and to let their kids run wild and free without the fear of breaking anything important, something like your great great grandparent’s ancestral vase. Genesis Valley Resort offers this same amount of space for an affordable price and with a less dense crowd; it’s like having a park all for your kids, now you can spend that quality time with your wife or with your special someone while the kids can play, talking about a win-win situation. So you know where to go the next time your partner asks from you some space and time.
Genesis Valley Resort in Cabangahan Consolacion Cebu Philippines
Lots of space for activities at Genesis Valley Resort

Genesis Valley Resort in Cabangahan Consolacion Cebu Philippines
Swimming pool

3. Camp night!

It’s true, I mean it from the bottom of my heart that you can spend a night here with only your tent. If you currently have budget problems and still want to spend some good time on a good place then this is the best offer for you. You can try it for yourself or with companions and you don’t have to worry about security. So if ever you dream of a place where you have the sky as your ceiling and the earth as your floor, you are dreaming of Genesis Valley Resort.

4. The Mini-zoo at Genesis Valley Resort

The book of Genesis talks about the Garden of Eden and how it is full of beautiful animals. the most eye-catching species are the birds of paradise. They symbolize freedom and beauty that only God can create.
Genesis Valley Resort in Cabangahan Consolacion Cebu Philippines
Lots of birds in their mini-zoo

Genesis Valley Resort is trying to mimic this by placing a mini bird zoo on the road to its summit. The zoo is full of different species of birds; surely these birds will need a bit of your time to praise their majesty and beauty. This scenery really matches the name of the place.

5. The Garden at Genesis Valley Resort

They have this good looking garden, and not just some ordinary garden but a romantic garden, for romantic purposes, for your romantic agendas, for you and your romantic partner. Located at the summit of Genesis Valley Resort, after a long walk to the top, you will see a garden decorated with flowers and statues that look as if they are celebrating, dancing and singing for you and your love one. To all romanticists out there here is a place you add to your go-to list.
That completes my list, now its up to you to try it for yourself and create your own memories of the place. Interested? I know you are. You can contact their hotlines (032) 346-5291 to 99 and 09178968580 or try to visit their Facebook page. Want to read more articles like this? Like and subscribe to Wonderful Cebu's Facebook page.
Note: This article was contributed by Marc Julius Rizada.