Cebu Upside Down World Museum: Changing Perspectives

Have you ever wondered how it would feel like to live upside down? Upside Down World Museum recently opened in the month of March 2017. It is a unique museum that offers you an experience of a topsy turvy world. Everything has been glued hard and screwed to the ceiling to give you an experience of the world upside down. The set-up of the museum is like a cozy house but the difference is that all the furniture is hanging above your head. Upside Down World Museum uses real furniture but no need to be scared about getting squashed by the bed or the furniture falling down on top of your head because the management of the museum assured us that they are screwed or glued securely.  They used a strong and special glue to stick the things on the ceiling.

You have to be creative in taking pictures to enhance the effects of the upside down world. On our visit we took a lot of time thinking what kind of dynamic poses we could demonstrate. The staff of Upside Down World Museum were very helpful and friendly as well, they were eager to suggest to us what poses we should do. There are ten different rooms where you can pose and take pictures to your heart’s content: the living room, library, kid’s playroom, bedroom, laundry area, market, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, magic room, and the casino. Before going inside the museum, you will be asked to take off your shoes and place them in the locker. Even the locker numbers are upside down!

ROOM 1A: Living Room at the Cebu Upside Down World Museum

Going inside Upside Down World Museum is like visiting a friend’s house and like all houses; the first place you’ll see is the living room. The living room gave off a nice and warm feeling because of the realistic looking chimney. After a brief time of checking the room out and examining things (even the television was upside down!), we proceeded to take pictures. Bewildered by the room, not knowing exactly what kind of poses to use, we were stunned until the staff suggested us a pose.

Living room at the Upside Down World Museum
Living room

The Taoist Temple

Cebu's Taoist Temple is just one of the few renowned temples in the heart of Cebu City. It is located at Beverly Hills Subdivision in Lahug. 

This top Cebu tourist spot was built in 1972 by the prominent Chinese community living in the city. The towering multi-story temple has an elevation of about 300 meters above sea level. It showcases the distinct cultural influences of Chinese architecture to the Cebuano landscape. 

Entrance to the temple

Many tourists from all over the world flock to this temple for its ominous architectural design and its contemplative nature fit for all those looking for some peace and quiet. Both worshipers and non-worshipers can enjoy the temple's botanical gardens and its outdoor landscapes that feature the distinct dragon-inspired designs known in Ancient China. 

Dragon sculpture
Dragon sculpture

The Taoist Temple is also a popular place for devotees to pray to the gods of the Temple. The worship is done through a ritual that requires the devotees to first wash their hands, go barefoot inside the grandiose chapel, and drop two blocks of wood that are shaped like seeds.

Taoist Temple
Taoist Temple

The Taoist Temple is a fantastic, educational and cultural landmark in Cebu's tourism, and has been a popular go-to place during grade school field trips and side trip tours when tourists decide to explore the tourist spots around the entire Metro Cebu. 

Other parts of the temple that tourists can visit include a souvenir shop, its library and the famous wishing well just steps away from the dragon replica outside.

Steps leading to the chapel
Steps leading to the chapel

Note: This article was contributed by Joel Torres of Affordable Cebu Tours. Photos are from clients of South Shore Travel and Tours and are used with permission.