Cebu Upside Down World Museum: Changing Perspectives

Have you ever wondered how it would feel like to live upside down? Upside Down World Museum recently opened in the month of March 2017. It is a unique museum that offers you an experience of a topsy turvy world. Everything has been glued hard and screwed to the ceiling to give you an experience of the world upside down. The set-up of the museum is like a cozy house but the difference is that all the furniture is hanging above your head. Upside Down World Museum uses real furniture but no need to be scared about getting squashed by the bed or the furniture falling down on top of your head because the management of the museum assured us that they are screwed or glued securely.  They used a strong and special glue to stick the things on the ceiling.

You have to be creative in taking pictures to enhance the effects of the upside down world. On our visit we took a lot of time thinking what kind of dynamic poses we could demonstrate. The staff of Upside Down World Museum were very helpful and friendly as well, they were eager to suggest to us what poses we should do. There are ten different rooms where you can pose and take pictures to your heart’s content: the living room, library, kid’s playroom, bedroom, laundry area, market, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, magic room, and the casino. Before going inside the museum, you will be asked to take off your shoes and place them in the locker. Even the locker numbers are upside down!

ROOM 1A: Living Room at the Cebu Upside Down World Museum

Going inside Upside Down World Museum is like visiting a friend’s house and like all houses; the first place you’ll see is the living room. The living room gave off a nice and warm feeling because of the realistic looking chimney. After a brief time of checking the room out and examining things (even the television was upside down!), we proceeded to take pictures. Bewildered by the room, not knowing exactly what kind of poses to use, we were stunned until the staff suggested us a pose.

Living room at the Upside Down World Museum
Living room

ROOM 1B: Library

Right across the living room is the library. The wallpaper of the room was designed to look like a bookshelf and there was a chess table in the middle of the room.

ROOM 2: Kid’s Playroom

The kid’s playroom was colorful and looked really cute with small tables for children.
playroom at the Upside Down World Museum
Kid's playroom

ROOM 3: Bedroom

We we’re a bit scared about the big bed on top of our head’s while taking pictures but we were assured about their safety so we proceeded to taking more pictures.
Bedroom at the Upside Down World Museum

ROOM 4: Laundry Area

The laundry area has amazing details as well with bottles of downy and an upside down washing machine.

ROOM 5: Market

Step on into the western-style market with lifelike fruits and fishes. It’s like strolling in the streets of Italy to get some groceries for the family meals!
market at the Upside Down World Museum

ROOM 6: Kitchen

After getting the ingredients for your dinner, let’s proceed to the kitchen. They provided two aprons in the kitchen to complete the experience.

Kitchen at the Upside Down World Museum

ROOM 7: Dining Room

The dining room is quite different from the rest because the tables and chairs are not suspended on the ceiling. They’re stuck on the wall!
Dining room at the Upside Down World Museum
Dining room

ROOM 8: Bathroom

The bathroom is one of my favorite rooms in the museum. It was fun to pretend to fall into the toilet!

Bathroom at the Upside Down World Museum

ROOM 9: Magic Room

The magic room is my most favorite room. We stayed pretty long in this room because of its outer space background. It was absolutely amazing and magical. Once you take your pictures, try to enhance it with some filters in Instagram or edit it a bit, the background stands out even more.  
Magic room at the Upside Down World Museum
Magic room

ROOM 10: Casino

The casino is the final room of our tour. Upon reaching the room we were awed by its design: upside down casino pictures, arcade games and a large poker table.
At the end of the tour you can find a souvenir station. You might want to buy something to remind you of your fascinating experience in Upside Down World.
You may go there with your group of friends or family, of course the more the merrier but you may also choose to go alone, the staffs will be happy enough to assist you around the museum and they will help you take your pictures for you. So get ready with your cameras or your smartphones and make sure you have enough batteries because you’ll never get tired of posing and taking pictures inside the museum. Every corner of the place is Instagram worthy. Upside Down World is located in 2nd floor of City Times Square 2, Mantawi International Drive, Mandaue City. The place is not difficult to locate because of its neon signage.  

Upside Down World opens your mind into a whole new perspective, who knows you might get an inspiring idea if you visit the museum because according to John Heider, “Learn to see things backwards, inside out, and upside down” Take your time to visit the museum for the entrance fee of Php 350 for adults, 250 for kids age 12 years old and below, 250 for senior citizens and PWDs and free of charge for ages 0-3 years old. Upside Down World is open from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM, daily.

Full disclosure note: This article was contributed by Edelyn Codera. She attended a bloggers familiarization tour hosted by the Cebu Upside Down World Museum. Rest assured, all opinions are her own and are not influenced in any way.