Earn A Free Hotel Stay While You Book Your Cebu Hotel

Who doesn't love free? I know I do. And I know many of you dear readers do to. So, let me share to you how you can earn points that you can use towards free hotel stays in the future. This is specially good for people who travel frequently and book hotel rooms quite frequently. Much like airline miles program that earn free airfare, this one also let's you accumulate points that you can use to book hotels in the future. The good thing about this is it is free to join.

This program is from Travelbook.ph. Each completed hotel stay booked through the program earns users a specific number of points. Let this points accumulate over time. Here's how you can use the accumulated points:

Pay for a hotel room

You can pay for the entire cost of a hotel room using only the points you earn from the Travelbook.ph program. Yes, you heard that right. When you have enough points, it can cover the entire cost of a hotel room.

Earn a free hotel stay with the Travelbook.ph program

As a hotel discount

Do not worry if the cost of the hotel room is greater than the points balance that you have. You can still use those points. What you can do is apply it as a discount to the booking. That way, you don't have to pay for your hotel room entirely by cash.

Things to Remember

Of course, this program has its limitations. Take note of these major points:
  • You have to sign up as a member to access the benefits of this program.
  • Points earned from the Travelbook.ph Rewards Program can only be used towards hotel bookings in the Philippines.
  • Points expire after 1 calendar year.
  • Take heed of cancellation policies as there may be related charges when you cancel bookings.
How cool is that?