Hidden Valley Mountain Resort: What a Wonderpool World

Nestled within the mountains of Toledo and Pinamungajan is a hidden oasis with majestic pools that will certainly satisfy your inner mermaid (or merman). To those who are craving for waves but can do without the dangers of the open sea, then look no more this place is for you. Mountains and waves seem out of sync. Never mind that their wave pool generates artificial waves out of spring water. It's as real as it can get with those three-foot waves anyway.

It was an early morning trip to Pinamungajan with our clients from Access e-Talk Plus for a team building seminar. Our destination was Hidden Valley Mountain Resort at Barangay Lamac, Pinamungajan, Cebu. True to its name, the Hidden Valley Mountain Resort was quite difficult to find but going there is definitely worthwhile.

Hidden Valley Mountain Resort in Pinamungajan Cebu
Hidden Valley Mountain Resort

Hidden Valley resorts are managed by the Lamac Multi-Purpose Cooperative so the LMPC members can get discounted rates. There are three different swimming pools within 2 resorts in the vicinity. One in the famous wave pool resort, and 2 others at the mountain resort.

LMPC manages the Hidden Valley Mountain Resort
LMPC manages the resort

During the seminar, we only had a chance to roam around the Hidden Valley Mountain Resort. So I’ll mostly write about the mountain resort but don’t worry I’ll be adding some details on the other resorts as well.

Hidden Valley Mountain Resort

The entrance fee for day use at the mountain resort is Php 75 for adults and Php 50 for kids who are 3
to 6 years old. You can use their cottages for Php 200 (White Vine Table), Php 250 (Pool Side cottage) and Php 600 (Raging River cottage). They have a playground, a rental and souvenir shop, a cafe and a restaurant.


Before you bring your “baon” here, please be aware that they have corkage. For food it’s Php 50 per menu/kilo and Php 250 per one whole lechon. For the drinks, it’s Php 100 per case.

The resort also offers food and you can short order a plated meal or a single round buffet. The plated meal costs Php 105 and includes rice, atsara, one main course, fruits and drinks. The single round buffet is Php 180 per person (minimum of 12 persons) with rice, appetizer, 2 main course, vegetables or side dish, fruits and then drinks.

Quick Review of the food

So our clients for the seminar opted to have the meals prepared by the resort. We had morning snacks,
lunch and afternoon snacks. Here’s a quick food review for you.

Morning snacks. They served puto maya with mango and sikwate. The mango I had was a little too sour but the classic puto maya and sikwate combo redeemed it for me.

mango and rice cake at Hidden Valley Mountain Resort
Puto and mango

Lunch. For lunch we had a single round buffet. There was rice, pancit, sinigang na hipon, grilled pork, fish fillet, chop suey, atsara, pineapple, watermelon and soda. I liked the sinigang since I’m a sucker for shrimps. As for the rest, I’d say they were a 7/10 since the meal was satisfying but didn’t leave any lasting impression.

Afternoon snacks. We had a sandwich and their local chocolate milk for the afternoon snacks. I am a big fan of chocolate milk in general but this one was just too sweet for my taste, not my cup of tea. If you’re a sweet tooth, though, then you might like it.


Now if you’re feeling pool-greedy and the ones at the mountain resort just isn’t enough, you can avail of their day use package so you can also enjoy the other pools! Kids ages 3 to 6 can enter both the mountain resort and the wave pool for Php 175, while it’s Php 200 for adults. What’s more, just add Php 100 to use the infinity pool, too! So that’s Php 300 for adults and Php 275 for the kids and all their existing pools are yours.

swimming pool at the Hidden Valley Mountain Resort
Swimming pool at the mountain resort

View of the wave pool from the Hidden Valley Mountain Resort
View of the wave pool from the mountain resort

Aren’t you excited to get your fingers all wrinkly from swimming so much? Who knows, you might even grow some gills!

How to get there

I won’t go into too much detail here since there is a plethora of awesome blogs that discussed routes and fare prices. And I profess I’m direction challenged so I have no confidence venturing here on my own. Luckily, the resort offers van services so we reached the place through the experienced driving of “Kuya” who safely delivered us to the resort and back to the city.

Transportation (One Way trip)

Cebu City to Hidden Valley Resort: Php 3, 500
Toledo City to Hidden Valley Resort: Php 2, 000
Pinamungajan to Hidden Valley Resort: Php 1, 500
Lutopan to Hidden Valley Resort: Php 1, 500
Coaster from Cebu City to Hidden Valley Resort: Php 7, 000

You can also drive on your own if you’re familiar with the road (and plenty fine with the possibility of getting lost cos you’re an adventurous human, ain’t you?). Or you can also get there via a habal-habal after a long bus ride from Cebu City to Lutopan, Toledo City.

Pros and Cons

You gotta love that there’s lots of pools to choose from in here. Furthermore, swimming in blue waters and being surrounded by the lush green mountains is very calming. Therapeutic even!

The area is big and ideal for indoor and outdoor seminars and other activities. When we visited, they had a skybike but was not yet open for use. The corkage might put you off but you can always order food from the resort.

The location is not very accessible. The road can get narrow and a bit dangerous especially when it rains as there is a possibility of landslides. There were some debris on the road on our way home since the weather was particularly bad that day. Hopefully, they can also improve on the drainage system at the mountain resort. Our function hall was almost flooded by a bit of water but they placed a block on the door as a temporary fix.

For reference on other rates, here’s a photo of their brochure:

Hidden Valley Mountain Resort rates

Contact details

Note: The prices above reflects the rates as of my last visit on August 2017 and are subject to change in the future. So if you still got more questions, you can write them an email at hiddenvalleyresort@yahoo.com. 

If you prefer to talk, you can easily reach them on any of these numbers from their brochure: 
+6332 350 0840
+6332 350 1176
+63 917 729 4137
+63 917 327 4166

Contributing writer: Cherubim Mae Traya

Have you been to the Hidden Valley Mountain Resort? We want to know about your experience. You may share them in the comments below.