Tops: Breathtaking Views of the Queen City of the South

Tops got its name by being literally at the top. This former helipad in Malubog, Cebu City is a famous tourist destination for scenic views of the city lights at night and the urban sprawl and nature’s greens during daylight. As mentioned, Tops was once a helipad. It was owned by a scion of the influential OsmeƱa political family. There are also restaurants and areas where you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables. The place seems to have an allure that constantly attracts both locals and visiting tourists. 

From JY Square in Lahug, you can ask habal-habal drivers to take you to Tops with a fare ranging between Php 80-100.00 one way. You can also opt to ride a taxi but I think that’s more expensive. Or if you want to, you can walk for thirty minutes to one hour depending on your pace. That's if you want some extra challenge going to Tops. As for us, we rode on the car provided by South Shores Travel and Tours for our twin city tour.

Tops Lookout in Cebu City
Tops Lookout
It was starting to drizzle when we got to Tops. The person manning the entrance warned us of a possibility that there would be ‘no view’ because of the fog. However, we took up the challenge to still get in and take our chances. We weren’t disappointed at all. After paying the entrance fee of Php 100.00, we got past the spacious parking lot and finally inside the circular grounds of Tops. A pride of Barangay Malubog, Tops surely gave us an overlooking view of urban Cebu.

glimpse of view from Tops
Glimpse from Tops

Way above sea level, Tops’ breeze lulled me to just stay put and look at the wonder before my eyes. Unlike any of Cebu’s other tourist spots, Tops has nothing much to offer but the view. Some said that a 100-peso entrance fee is a bit too expensive but I beg to disagree. One cannot simply argue the value Tops can offer.

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Tops also has a wide, spacious, hexagonal-tiled grounds where you can just run around or can have a picnic, camping or other activities. There are a few benches near the viewing deck so you can sit as well from time to time. There are also cemented tables and chairs housed under a ringed-design open area. The ring design would really create a good effect if you take some photos at the right angles.

picnic places at Tops
Picnic area

I suggest that you bring food and drinks when you go there as the price of the stores inside are ridiculously expensive. I haven’t heard of any corkage fee so you could just bring some chips and sodas if you want.

A store at Tops
One of the stores at Tops

It’s a good place to go when you want to be alone and just contemplate. But I think it's better when you have your friends or special someone to share the view with you.

Alone at Tops
Alone at Tops

At Tops with friends
At Tops with friends

It was my second time visiting Tops. The other time was a night out with a group of friends. And like the first time, I am surely at awe with it again. My second visit gave me a satisfying perspective of what Tops actually looked like when the sun’s rays works it wonders versus the nighttime city lights effect. The Tops gave me a sentimental and refreshing feeling upon going home. If given the chance, I would surely stay there for a day- just to see how Tops evolve from morning to evening.

Have you been to Tops? We want to know about your experience. You may share in the comments below.

Contributing Writer: Quennie Nikki Paring
Gratis: The Wonderful Cebu Blog would like to extend gratitude to South Shore Tours for sponsoring a Twin City Tour in Cebu for our writer. The Tops Lookout was one of the stops in that tour.