Mactan Newtown: A City Within a City in Mactan Island

Last 7 October 2017, I had the chance to visit one of the emerging lifestyle centers and BPO hubs. It is located in Lapu-lapu City on the island of Mactan. Named Mactan Newtown, this developing center is one of Megaworld Corporation's first major townships outside Metro Manila. It even has its own beachfront and has a lot of potential for growth. I can only be excited about what else is in store for this township project. By now, it's already getting noticed.

Where to Dine at Mactan Newtown

For now, the township boasts an assortment of dining options. This includes a McDonalds fast food chain.  A 7/11 convenience store is right next to it. A Japanese restaurant called Shikisai is also worth checking out. Civet Coffee is a cozy cafe you might want to visit as well. You can also find more food choices at Mactan Alfresco. Mactan Alfresco is an open air food court. It is largely inspired by the hawkers food centers in Singapore. 

Meximama Mexican Restaurant at at Mactan Newtown

Food joints at Mactan Alfresco are:
  • Choobi Choobi
  • Mama Linda's BBQ and Seafood Haus
  • Manang Sayong
  • Meximama
  • Muvanz
  • Orange Karenderia
  • Oyster Bay Express
  • Rico's Lechon

Business Locators at Mactan Newtown

Manulife and The Results Company are found there as well. They provide jobs to a good number of people. Manulife is a major player in the life insurance industry. The Results Company is largely a call center.

Living at Mactan Newtown

Aside from the businesses at Mactan Newtown, there is also a high end residential component. Living at the township means you can make the most of living in the city and enjoy scenic views too. After all Lapu-lapu is the Historic Resort City. 

There are three condominium projects. These are the 8 Newtown, One Pacific, and One Manchester. Investors are already being drawn to it. If you are a potential property buyer, you are welcome to visit. You will be given a tour of the different parts of the township. Your private tour includes a preview of the projects being developed.  

One Pacific dining area at Mactan Newtown
One Pacific dining area
One Manchester living room at Mactan Newtown
One Manchester living room

At 8 Newtown, you are treated to an Asian-inspired architecture from Japan and Singapore. Its amenities include a swimming pool, a gym, and a spa with sauna. The homey vibe also makes you feel at ease with your surroundings. 

The spa at 8 Newtown
The spa at 8 Newtown

Much of the other residential towers are still under construction. These areas will be open for public visits soon. The concept of these areas are largely European-inspired. These projects are designed to promote a healthy and active lifestyle. Plans for rock climbing and other sports amenities are also in the works. These help encourage future residents to value their own well-being.

Condominiums under construction at at Mactan Newtown
Condominiums under construction

Other Developments at Mactan Newtown

A nursery school is also being built. Future residents can send their children to this nearby school. This is proof of the progressive future the developers have in mind.

Leisure Facilities at Mactan Newtown

A kilometer away from the ML Quezon Highway entrance is the Mactan Newtown Beach, formerly Portofino. The beach itself is continuously developed to cater for future expansion. More cottages and amenities have been added to it. 
The Mactan Newtown Beach
Mactan Newtown Beach

Aside from swimming, other activities can be enjoyed at the beach. You can enjoy food and drinks at the bar. Equipment for water sports are also available for rent. You can rent jet skis and banana boats. Paddle-powered watercraft can also be rented from Island Buzz Philippines.

Paddle boards for rent at Mactan Newtown
Paddle boards for rent

Parallel to the Mactan Shrine would be an entrance to the township itself. A life-size replica of The Galleon Victoria will begin construction in 2018. The idea is for the structure to complement the existing monument of the first Filipino hero. Thus, increasing the area's tourism value. It will also contribute to the appreciation of our history.

Learn More About Mactan Newtown

Overall, Mactan Newtown is getting its share of the limelight even as it develops. I am excited to see what future activities could be done once it has fully achieved its potential. To learn more about Mactan Newtown, you may visit this website.

Have you witnessed the transformation at Mactan Newtown? What are your thoughts about it? Share them in the comments section below.

Contributing writer: Paulo Magallon