Kartzone: Feed Your Need for Speed in Cebu City, Philippines

Metro Cebu probably has one of the worst traffic problems in the world. In fact, Cebu's driving culture was cites as second worst by Waze, the wayfinding app. This means that if you have a constant need for speed, it will be hard to sate that in the streets of Metro Cebu. Unless it's deep into the night. Worry not now, there is a way to fill your need for speed in Cebu.


Enter Kartzone Cebu, a go-kart rental facility in Kasambagan, Cebu City with a pretty basic racetrack. To start, here's their contact information:

Business Address: F. Cabahug Street, Kasambagan, Cebu City
Landmarks: Near Jollibee and Burger King
Facebook page: Kartzone Cebu
Telephone number: +63 32 268 2553
E-mail address: kartzonecebu@yahoo.com 

I rented a go-kart with them once and used their track for 8 laps. But I was never a speed demon and I just tried it for once. I also did not have photos of that experience as we did it in at night and we did not have cameras that can capture the experience in the dark. Luckily, Jen of Thoughts by Anonymous gave me permission to use her photos when she visited Kartzone Cebu.

First, we paid the fees for go kart, safety gear, and accessory rentals. A helmet is the only required safety gear. A face mask is also available for rent. Of course the karts are equipped with seat belts. I strongly suggest though that they require guests to wear closed shoes. For a higher safety standard, they can also rent out padded overalls, arm guards, knee pads, shin guards, elbow pads, and gloves.

While their rules do indicate that they do not allow rentals for guests who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, they have no way of knowing for sure. They only check for obvious physical indicators such as grogginess and breath that smells of alcohol. Perhaps a breathalyzer test may suffice? I understand that will drive costs up though. 

The experience starts with a safety briefing where we were just made to view film. It was quite informative and sufficient as long as you pay attention. After the safety briefing, we then proceeded to putting our gear on and getting on our go-kart of choice.

Jen at Kartzone Cebu
Jen at Kartzone Cebu
The standard for renting a go kart and using the racetrack at Kartzone Cebu is 8 laps. Regular rental rates are PHP 425 for the single-seat go kart and PHP 450 for the twin-seater. The price drops during happy hour on weekdays, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The happy hour single-seat rental is at PHP 325 for 8 laps, and the twin-seater rents at PHP 350. 4-lap tickets are also available during happy hour. The 4-lap tickets cost PHP 225 for single-seaters and PHP 250 for twin-seaters.

Jen on the Kartzone Cebu racetrack
Jen on the racetrack

Other than go karts, Kartzone's racetracks have also been used for motorcycle races and automobile time trials. This was the former stomping ground of Cebuano actor Matteo Guidicelli. Matteo was a champion motorcycle racer before he focused mainly on a showbiz career in Manila.

Do you need to sate your hunger for speed? Kartzone Cebu just might be able to address your need for speed. Give them a try and tell us about your experience in the comments below.