Hotels and Resorts in Cebu

This is a directory of hotels, resorts, pension houses, and other accommodation options in Cebu, Central Visayas, Philippines. This list is a work in progress and will be regularly updated. (Last updated 23 September 2017)

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  1. Cartagena Beachwalk Resort
  2. Divepoint Alcoy Resort
  3. Manawa Beach Resort
  4. Meili Beach Resort
  5. Narra Park Resort
  6. Villa Rosa
  7. Voda Krasna Beach Resort


  1. Batong Malunhaw Beach Resort
  2. Costa de Leticia Beach Resort and Spa
  3. D'Alegre Traveller's Inn
  4. Sun Xi Beach Club
  5. Sun Xi Mountain Resort


  1. Al Maxi Apartelle


  1. BJ's By The Sea
  2. Coal Mountain Resort
  3. JSJS Mountain Resort
  4. Luisa's Place
  5. Mahayahay Beach Resort
  6. Riverstone Castle Resort
  7. Sunshine Beach Club
  8. Woodruff's Beach Resort


  1. Cabo San Miguel Resort Cebu
  2. Coco Seaview Beach House
  3. Policios Waterpark Resort and Spa


  1. Badian Island Resort and Spa
  2. Lambug Beach Homestay
  3. Matutinao Beach Resort


  1. Arpili Residence
  2. Canso X Mountain Adventure Park
  3. Costa Roca Resort
  4. JVR Island in the Sky Resort
  5. Villa Adela Balamban Cebu


  1. Bantayan Island Nature Park and Resort
  2. Coalargo Beach Resort
  3. Maia's Beach Resort
  4. SM Pensione House


  1. Green Mountain Spring and Leisure Farm Resort or Luhod Mountain Spring Resort
  2. Palalong Bed and Breakfast
  3. Paradise Valley Mountain Resort
  4. Paril Mountain Resort
  5. Sayaw Beach Resort

Bogo City

  1. Buena Marga Woodland Beach Resort
  2. Hisoler's Beach Resort
  3. Nailon Beach Resort
  4. Odlot Hideaway Beach Resort


  1. Cebu Club Fort Med Resort
  2. Granada Beach Resort
  3. Jaynet Oceanview Resort
  4. Nordzee Hostel
  5. Resort Ribro
  6. The Place Resort

Carcar City

  1. Carcar Traveller's Inn
  2. South Guest House
  3. Tatope Travel Lodge
  4. Zurna Mountain Resort



  1. Agua Villa Resort
  2. Hunahuna Cliff Resort
  3. Imelda Aroma Waterpark or Royal Vista Resort
  4. Recuerdo Beach Resort

Cebu City

  1. Adelfa Hotel
  2. Best Western Plus Lex Cebu
  3. Castle Peak Hotel
  4. Cebuview Tourist Inn
  5. Cebu Century Plaza Hotel
  6. Cebu Fiesta Pension House
  7. Crown Regency Hotel and Towers Cebu
  8. Diamond Suites
  9. Don Luis Amigo Ladies Dormitory
  10. Elicon House
  11. Ence Pension
  12. Escario Central Hotel 
  13. Express Inn
  14. Golden Peak Hotel
  15. Golden Prince Hotel
  16. Golden Valley Hotel
  17. Gran Tierra Suites
  18. GV Tower Hotel
  19. Hotel Sogo
  20. Kaizen Pension House
  21. Mandaue Botique Hotel
  22. Marriott Cebu City Hotel
  23. Mc Sherry Pension
  24. Mountainview Nature Park
  25. Pillows Hotel
  26. Queensland
  27. Rancho Cancio or Adlaon Farm House
  28. Summit Circle Inn
  29. Teofel Pension
  30. The Maxwell Hotel
  31. Tuxedo Business Suites
  32. Vacation Hotel Cebu
  33. Valleyfront Hotel
  34. Waterfront Cebu City Hotel
  35. West 35 Eco Mountain Resort


  1. Q Park


Hotels Resorts and other lodging and accommodations options in Cebu Philippines
Genesis Valley Resort


  1. Agila Resort Spa
  2. Alta Cebu Village Garden Resort and Convention Center
  3. Best Western Sandbar Resort
  4. Cordova Reef Village Resort


  1. Aabana Beach and Watersports Resort (Malapascua Island)
  2. Bakhawan Beach Home
  3. Bantigue Cove Beach Resort (Malapascua Island)
  4. BB's Lodging House (Malapascua Island)
  5. Bluewater Malapascua Beach and Dive Resort
  6. Blue Corals Beach Resort (Malapascua Island)
  7. Buena Vida Resort and Spa (Malapascua Island)
  8. Calma Beach Resort
  9. Dano Beach Resort (Malapascua Island)
  10. De Payag Inland Resort
  11. Divelink Cebu (Malapascua Island)
  12. Evolution Diving and Beach Resort (Malapascua Island)
  13. Hiltey's Hideout Homes (Malapascua Island)
  14. Hippocampus Beach Resort (Malapascua Island)
  15. Kanday Resort
  16. Kokay's Maldito Dive Resort (Malapascua Island)
  17. Los Bamboos Island Garden Resort (Malapascua Island)
  18. Malapascua Exotic Island Beach and Dive Resort (Malapascua Island)
  19. Malapascua Legend Watersports and Dive Resort (Malapascua Island)
  20. Mangrove Oriental Resort (Malapascua Island)
  21. Mike and Diose's Beach Cottage (Malapascua Island)
  22. Montenova (Malapascua Island)
  23. Moonlight Resort (Malapascua Island)
  24. Mr. Kwiiz Resort (Malapascua Island)
  25. Ocean Vida Beach and Dive Resort (Malapascua Island)
  26. Purple Snapper Dive Resort (Malapascua Island)
  27. Remollo's Pension House
  28. Skip's Beach Resort
  29. Slam's Garden Resort (Malapascua Island)
  30. Teepanee Beach Resort (Malapascua Island)
  31. Thresher Cove Dive Resort (Malapascua Island)
  32. Thresher Shack (Malapascua Island)
  33. Villa Sandra (Malapascua Island)
  34. Virgin Beach Resort 

Danao City


  1. Bodo's Bamboo Bar Resort
  2. Dakong Bato Beach and Leisure Resort
  3. Le Reve Mountain Resort
  4. Ocean Bay Beach Resort
  5. Rockwalled Adventure Resort


  1. AMZ Villa
  2. D'South West Apartelle
  3. Isla Estan Beach Resort
  4. La Montera Beach Resort


  1. Bantaaw Beach Resort
  2. JMB's Inn

Lapulapu City

  1. Abaca Boutique Resort and Restaurant
  2. ACE Penzionne- Cebu
  3. Anemone Resort
  4. Aozora Seaside Mactan
  5. Baliwis Rock Resort
  6. Be Resort Mactan
  7. Bluefins Resort
  8. Blue Dream Dive Resort
  9. Blue Garden Resort
  10. Blue Reef Resort
  11. Boyla Diving Resort
  12. Casa Carmela Mactan Resort
  13. Cebu J Dive Resort
  14. Cebu Whitesands Resort and Spa
  15. Cleverlearn Residences
  16. Club Kontiki Resort
  17. Coral Reef Beach Resort
  18. Costabella Tropical Beach Hotel
  19. Crimson Resort and Spa Mactan
  20. Days Inn
  21. Dolphin House Mactan Apartments
  22. Dulcinea Hotel Suites Cebu
  23. EGI Beach Resort
  24. Estrera Beach House
  25. Goldberry Suites and Hotel
  26. Green One Hotel Mactan
  27. Hadsan Cove Resort
  28. Haruhay Dream Resort
  29. Hotel Cesario
  30. Islands Stay Hotel
  31. Island Tropics Cebu
  32. JPark Island Resort and Waterpark
  33. Kabatoy Beach Resort (Olango Island)
  34. Karancho Maribago Beach Resort
  35. Lancaster Hotel Cebu
  36. La Mirada Hotel
  37. Lowaii Cebu Marine Beach Resort
  38. Mactan Pension House
  39. Maribago Bluewaters Resort
  40. Movenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu
  41. Nordtropic Resort and Residences
  42. Ocean Pearl Resort
  43. Olang Bonita Inn (Olango Island)
  44. Olango Paradise Island Resort (Olango Island)
  45. Ouano Beach House
  46. Pacific Cebu Resort
  47. Pado Beach Resort 
  48. Palm Beach Resort and Spa
  49. Park Hill Hotel Mactan
  50. Plantation Bay Resort and Spa
  51. Punta House
  52. Rendezvous Beach Resort
  53. Sagastrand Beach Resort (Olango Island
  54. Shangri-la Mactan Resort and Spa
  55. Sotogrande Hotel
  56. Suizo Beach Resort
  57. Talima Beach Villas and Dive Resort (Olango Island)
  58. Tambayan Beach Resort
  59. Tambuli Beach Club
  60. The Bellavista Hotel
  61. The Eagle House
  62. The Reef Mactan
  63. Tonggo Beach
  64. VaƱo Beach
  65. Vistamar Beach Resort and Country Club


  1. Papa Kit's Marina and Fishing Lagoon
  2. Senen's Mountain Resort and Catering Services

Mandaue City

  1. Alpa City Suites
  2. Andy Hotel
  3. BIG Hotel 
  4. Cebu Westown Lagoon
  5. Copenhagen East Residences
  6. Moonlight Inn
  7. PMG Pension House
  8. Prince Court
  9. R Suites and Cafe
  10. The Ancestors Pension


  1. Funtstic Beach Resort
  2. Palm's Seaside Inn
  3. Payag ni Arming
  4. Seahorse Tourist Inn of Medellin


  1. Tubod Flowing Water Resort


  1. Asian Belgian Resort
  2. Bamboo House Resort
  3. Barefoot White Beach Resort
  4. Bonita Oasis Beach Resort
  5. Cabana Beach Club Resort
  6. Club Serena Resort
  7. Dacozy Beach Resort
  8. Dolphin House Resort
  9. Editha's Southsea Holiday Houses
  10. Emok's Guest House
  11. Hale Manna Beach Resort and Coastal Gardens 
  12. Hannah's Place Restaurant and Lodge
  13. Kasai Village Dive Resort
  14. La Concepcion Cove
  15. Love's Beach Dive Resort
  16. Magic Island Dive Resort
  17. Marina Village Dive Resort
  18. Maya's Native Garden
  19. Moalboal Backpackers' Lodge
  20. Moalboal Beach Resort
  21. Moalboal T Breeze Coastal Resort
  22. Quo Vadis Dive Resort
  23. Ravenala Resort
  24. Sea Turtle House Beach Resort
  25. The Blue Orchid Resort Moalboal
  26. Tipolo Beach Resort
  27. Turtle Bay Dive Resort

Naga City

  1. Guanzon Private Beach Resort
  2. Villa Dulce Resort


  1. AJ's Whale Shark Watching and Beach Resort
  2. BCD's Place
  3. Brumini Resort
  4. Down South 118 Beach Resort
  5. Ermi Beach Resort
  6. Germaroze Guest House
  7. GT Seaside Inn
  8. Hotel Sebastian
  9. Marcnel Traveler's Inn
  10. MB's Sunrise View
  11. Mila's Inn
  12. MWR Pension House
  13. Oslob Malenzo Pension House
  14. Oslob New Village Lodge
  15. Sacha's Lodge Oslob
  16. Safari Resort Oslob
  17. Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort
  18. Tan-awan Cancuay Beach Modern Villa 
  19. The Lighthouse Resort
  20. Tum's Resort
  21. Villa on a Cliff


  1. Hidden Valley Wave Pool Resort 
  2. Louie Beach
  3. Monteray Farm Mountain Scenery and Resort
  4. Park Place Beach Resort
  5. Tajao Paraiso Lodge
  6. Tajao Seaside Haven
  7. Tauhai Garden Beach Resort and Spa


  1. Buho Rock Resort
  2. Heritage Inn
  3. My Little Island Hotel


  1. Alma de Ronda Pension House
  2. Le Maisons D'Itac


  1. Fantasy Lodge Cebu

San Fernando

  1. DKNS Maestro Resort
  2. El Kargador Resort
  3. Hidden Paradise Mountain Resort
  4. Paulo Luna Resort and Spa
  5. Pulchra Resort Cebu
  6. Singli Mountain Resort

San Francisco

  1. Bagongon Beach Resort
  2. Bano Beach Resort
  3. Coco Grove Nature Resort
  4. Dapdap Beach Resort
  5. Keshe Beach Resort
  6. Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort
  7. Mangodlong Rock Resort
  8. Masamayor Beach Resort
  9. Masamayor's Beach House and Resort
  10. Mesiyas Beach Resort
  11. Pacifico Beach Resort
  12. Palanas Beach Resort
  13. Payag Beach House and Resort
  14. Puerto Bello Bay Resort
  15. Santiago Bay Garden Resort
  16. Swisslagoon
  17. White Beach Resort

San Remigio

  1. Casa del Mar Resort Hotel
  2. Cebu Paradise Resort
  3. Elegant Beach Resort
  4. Hagnaya Beach Resort and Restaurant
  5. Lingay Beach Resort
  6. San Remigio Beach Club Sports and Leisure Resort
  7. Warren's Beach Resort

Santa Fe

  1. Abaniko Beach Resort
  2. Amihan Beach Cabanas
  3. Anika Island Resort
  4. Bantayan Cottages
  5. Beach Montemar Resort
  6. Beach Placid Resort 
  7. Budyong Beach Resort 
  8. Coucou Bar Bantayan Island Hotel and Restaurant
  9. Hoyohoy Villas
  10. Kota Beach Resort
  11. Marlin's Beach Resort
  12. Micky Santoro Beach Front House
  13. Micky Santoro Hotel and Restaurant
  14. Nordic Inn Bantayan Island Cebu
  15. North Viile Beach Resort
  16. Ogtong Cave Resort
  17. Ritzy's White Beach Resort
  18. Santa Fe Beach Club
  19. St. Bernard Beach Resort
  20. Sugar Beach Resort
  21. Sunday Flower Beach Hotel and Resort
  22. Tickety Boo Beach Resort
  23. Tristan's Restaurant and Beach Resort
  24. Villacastin's Beach Resort
  25. White Beach Bungalows-Cebu
  26. Yooneek Beach Resort
  27. Yooneek Inn


  1. ARC Hostel and Christian Campground
  2. Bonga Villa Beach Resort and Spa
  3. Eden Resort
  4. Gunwoo Dive Resort
  5. Kingdom Resort
  6. Marine Village Dive House
  7. MDF Beach Resort
  8. Noblesse Resort
  9. Ocean Terrace Beach Resort and Restaurant
  10. Satudarah Beach and Private Resort
  11. The Farm Resort
  12. Tropara Resort
  13. Watersport Beach Resort and Dream Divers


  1. Alegre Beach Resort and Spa
  2. North Sky Beach Resort
  3. RRG-Sugod Beach


  1. Bunzie's Cove


  1. Bayahan's Residence
  2. Durhan White Beach Resort
  3. Guilly Rose Beach Resort
  4. La Familia Beach Resort
  5. Hawaiian Resort
  6. Maravilla Beach Club

Talisay City

  1. Aqua Cainta Resort
  2. Borromeo Beach Resort
  3. Coco Maldita Beach and Swimming Pool 
  4. GV Hotels Talisay City
  5. Queensland Hotel
  6. Win Hotel

Toledo City

  1. Days Hotel Cebu Toledo
  2. Golden Sunset Beach Resort
  3. Payag Restobar
  4. Penong's
  5. Premiere KTV and Lodge
  6. Spring Park Mountain Resort
  7. Teoming Beach Resort
  8. Villa Estrella Resort


  1. Brandon's Crib